Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vans & Fuel Games Present: Pool Service - 3D iPhone Skate Game

Gamers looking for the ultimate skate experience for iPhone and iPod touch can stop their quest as Vans and Fuel Games release Vans SK8: Pool Service, a 3D skate game, which retails for $4.99.

In Vans Sk8: Pool Service, players ride as one of Vans’ sponsored skaters, Bucky Lasek or Omar Hassan, hitting the abandoned rec center pool and competing in one of ten different events. The game features customizable boards and wheels, unlockable tricks, and rich 3D gameplay making full use of the iPhone’s accelerometer and multi-touch functions.

Vans SK8: Pool Service Features:

* Vans pro riders Bucky Lasek and Omar Hassan included along with their real voices
* Rich 3D graphics that push the standards of current iPhone games
* Choose from 20 different board designs including skaters’ official boards from Black Label and Element
* Customize your own music playlist from a library including The Methadones, Slowride, Penuckle
* Put your skills to the test by unlocking 30 different Achievements
* Compete in 10 different events ranging from easy to difficult
* 13 different tricks including a special trick for each rider

The game can be downloaded here.

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