Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great Landscape

The Escapist - The Streets

James Jebbia Is Supreme

James Jebbia Interview

Friday, February 27, 2009

Alife x Colette x G-Shock

Alife gets together with colette and G-Shock to produce a white version of their classic digital watch. Limited to only 40 pieces, the watch comes in all white, features both “alife” and “paris” on the straps and is now available at colette.

Diamond Supply Co. x Han Cholo “Sk8 Till Death” Necklace

Diamond Supply Co. got together with jeweler Han Cholo to produce the “Sk8 Till Death” necklace. The necklace comes in three finished - silver (limited to 70), gold (limited to 80) and black silver (limited to 60). hit Diamond Supply Co. online store now.


Alife are definitely keeping the fire going with the release of this sick new varsity jacket entitled the ‘RIP ODB Varsity Jacket.’ This heavy jacket features various patches, including the Wu-Tang logo, and beautiful embroidery. Alife’s online store, The Upset, have just stocked these up for $450. Sick!!!.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Courtney Love’s ‘Portrait of a Performer’ Book by Hedi Slimane

The talented Hedi Slimane recently gave a hint to this shoot featuring none other than Courtney Love on his hugely popular diary. The eccentric musician had a turbulent marriage with Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain and that really put her in the spotlight for more than one reason. Of late she has done much to change her image, she is currently on tour with her group Hole and has published a new book with Slimane, entitled ‘Portrait of a Performer’. The book is a photojournal and the remarkable imagery featured is on que with the work the famous artist is prone to doing at present.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hopps Skateboards Commercial

Featuring none other then owner and creative director the extremely talented Jahmal Williams. For more info on Hopps Skateboards visit their website here .

Photography: David Benjamin Sherry

Presenting the work of David Benjamin Sherry; a photographer born in 1981, David works and lives in New York City. Capturing visuals from landscapes such as the great outdoors and sky’s David then alters them to purvey a sense of beauty. Showcasing in many galleries around the world for more info you can check David’s website here.

KR At The Blu House

A little while back when the Stussy World Tour was heavily in effect they picked up what is known as “The Blu House” and contracted some well known artists to put a creative touch into the place. Well forget about the interior decorations it seems as if world renowned graffiti artist KR handled the outside decorations.

Photos and Info via 14-2-1

KR used his signature Krink drip style on the mail box and then paint blasted the outside of the Blu House with multiple colors which breathed some life into this Venice estate. Also painting one room inside the house you see a mesh of colors ranging from army green to mustard yellow, covering the ceiling and dripping down the walls. An impressive job by KR to say the least who also most recently painted the Nike Sports Wear store on Mercer street in New York. Other artists who contributed work to the Blu House include Kaws and Reas to name a few. Below is a quote on the Blu House taken from the Supertouch Blog:

Legendary streetwear label Stüssy celebrated the culmination of its inspired “Worldwide Tour” apparel campaign—which saw more than 40 artists including KAWS, Pushead, Neck Face, Eric Elms, HAZE, José Parla, and Futura lending their style to one of the brand’s most iconic vintage t-shirt designs—with a VIP-only art show and release party for the new Worldwide Tour Nike shoe collaboration on Friday nite. Featuring murals painted by KAWS & REAS and a fresh psychedelic paint job on the house care of KR”

Although it’s closed now the Blu House is located at 523 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, California

Collections; (Boneless One) Vintage Skateboards 1980’s

What does it mean to have a collection? Nowadays people collect things and don’t even know why their even collecting them. Well Boneless One (as he likes to call himself) is one to be admired for his collection of old school skateboards.

To shed some light on his collection he has been doing this since 1986; he grew up skateboarding and has had an appreciation for the culture from a young age. Each and every deck that you see has meaningful significance and it’s beautiful to see “Boneless One” break down the history of each piece that he owns. Many props to Boneless One for sticking to what he loves and still having a great love and appreciation for skateboarding. Just to clear the air and save you some time none of these decks are for sale so don’t even bother asking! Here is a write up from his Flickr account:

To me Old School Skateboarding is a whole lifestyle, and it’s cliche these days. There is more to collecting than purchasing bunch of old crap from ebay.

But first let me get one thing straight:

None of the boards are for sale. “No” means “No”. Like the band i never liked.
Read and understand this: I will not respond to requests to sell something. I will ignore and remove those comments right away. Same goes with private messages asking me to sell stuff, i will delete them without response because i am not a shop, i am a collector and i want to keep my stuff that means i am not interested in selling. Are we clear? Thank You.


Hi, i am currently 34 years old and I started skateboarding back in 1986. I quit active skating around 1991 but the love for skateboarding and skateboards always remained.

By the end of the 90’s i got back into skateboarding as well as collecting old school skateboards which brought back all those great memories so it was only logical to pick up skateboarding from where i left.

Only this time we’re talking about getting back to mid-80’s, not 90’s. We’re talking about Bonelesses, Berts, Rock-n-rolls, Acid drops, Street Slides, and just plain street thrashing and occasional downhill stylin’. I mean just look at my skateboarding photos.
I have absolutely no interest in new school tricks or boards and yes, I am hopelessly stuck in the 80’s in my skateboarding skills but i don’t mind. I like it better here anyway. The ollie-based skating on a scaled down popsicle isn’t for me. I have an x-ray photo of my broken elbow to prove that.

I also have small collection of 70’s boards as well for the appreciation, but since i was born in ‘73 i sort of missed the 70’s skateboard wave. 80’s was my era.

Polaroids By Andy Warhol

Best known for being one of the greatest pop artists of all time Mr.Andy Warhol was well professioned in taking Polaroid pictures as well. Having been able to shoot a in depth mix of celebrities and heroic artists Andy Warhol’s catalog is both deep and rich in well captured Polaroid photographs. The likes of Basquiat, Keith Haring and Alfred Hitchcock to name a few are just some of the people he was able to shoot and we can’t forget Sylverstor Stylone or Mohamed Ali either.

Neck Face In Toronto

Spotted this in a Lansdowne neighborhood on a side street off of College St. While pleasantly cruising up the block I saw a white van with a very familiar hand style across it reading non other then Neck Face.

Surface 2 Air Spring/Summer 2009 Lookbook

French label Surface 2 Air have continued on route with their minimal and casual aesthetic combining a number of classic items with distinctive shades. This Spring/Summer offers an interesting look with worn black denim right at the heart of the look while tees, plaid shirts and lightweight bomber jackets and coats have been well incorporated.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vans Collab by The Pixies

I’m sure the most of us have heard who The Pixies are. Well after KISS and Iron Maiden, it is the Pixies turn to work on a pair of Vans. Just like the other bands, the Pixies worked on a pair of Sk8 His. The side panel features the artwork of the “Death to the Pixies” album. These are part of the Fall ‘09 line, so they will hit stores around August or so.

the 5th collab by The Hundreds

February 26th morning, The hundreds will be release the 5th Collaboration series at The Hundreds Los Angeles and The Hundreds San Francisco.

The 5 T-shirt designed by 5 good friend of The Hundreds actually those are streetwear/ skateboarding brands are Diamond, King Stampede, Crooks & Castles, 10 deep and Deadline.

The Hundreds X King Diamond

The Hundreds X Diamond

The Hundreds X Crooks & Castles

The Hundreds X 10 Deep

The Hundreds X Deadline

In4mation 2009 Spring/Summer Collection

Combining influences from the sunny and easy-going Aloha State with the rigors of the Big Apple, In4mation presents, what is in our mind, is one of the brand’s strongest collections to date. The 2009 Spring/Summer collection takes on numerous clean tones over denim, button-ups and various outerwear pieces.