Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wassup Rocker!!!

this is the new movie from Larry Clark's, actually he is the director from the controversial 90's movie call Kids.. on this movie actually have the same thing for the example the story about the teenager and have some f*** scene.. but this movie tell about the teenagers have hobby play skate and play band but they have weird problem then some of them die... for the details you can check the website and watch the trailer... check it now, because this movie is f***ing awesome...

Michele Gondry Collection short movie and etc

there are some of work from my influence Michele Gondry. he is an incredible director of many director.. he always use the absurd creativity can make you imagine.. you won't waste your time if you watch.. you can watch it for see his work..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


LAKAI special animation take over our dope animation sonofabit**!!!


Best known for his large-scale graffiti murals and accomplished animations, BLU always did his artworks often stories without words, executed with clean line and rare immagination. The Bologonese artist also uses as sketchbook as a journals on his trips but even his observational drawings have added narative twist .After coming across a sign.
Wherever his ideas come from, Blu usually Draws without much conscious planning, He often starts by coming up with anatomical idea or viewpoint to explore, sometimes with a visual message in mind, but often his images take on a life of their own for example of his master piece are the quite long stop motion and the media is suface on space public mural..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Will draw for foods!!



My lord, Hospital Records with intriguing collective line up, very big exposure we got in Fabric that night, still dominated with Anti-Skinny pants crews, Sneakers, Crackers, and deffinetly still water in the air!! wicked!. I was thinking one of things i have really found is Hospitality not just to rely on just getting a great sound and having a great recording label, but they have a very massive scene that night, otherwise we should follow the que line and waiting for 2 fuckin hour in outside and winter at the main time, although we still waiting until after 2 hours for this reported, and we have chance to come inside the club in the end, london electricity already on the booth, and massive wave of people on the dance floor...this is the fckn line up!!!

Friday 09 january 2009

High Contrast/Goldie/London Electricty/Cyantific/Nu:Tone/Danny Byrd/MC Stamina
Rage/Darrison/Script Mc


Med School/Marcus Intalex/Klute/Icicle/ Martsman/Instra:Mental/Randomer