Monday, March 30, 2009

10Deep 2009 Spring “Nineteen Ninety-Now” Collection

Today we can give you a detailed look at the first delivery of the 10Deep Spring 2009 Collection. 10Deep has been around for much longer than most other brands in the market and somehow they have managed to become widely known, without being over-exposed. It’s a difficult task that many others did not manage.

These past seasons are looking more and more solid and well balanced. Interesting cut-and-sew items are mixed with strong graphic t-shirts. The brand stays true to their roots, while staying relevant to current times and trends. Basics are not too basic to seem boring, something we see too often when trying to inject some simplicity into a line. That said the first delivery of their Spring 2009 Collection offers many key pieces. Our favorites include the shirts, biking inspired hoodies and the 5-panel caps.

The Spring 2009 collection will be entirely available in the 10Deep online store

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