Friday, February 12, 2010

Back to 1999

No Distance Left to Run" is a song by Blur It is on their 1999 album 13 and was also released as the third and final single from the album.

Damon Albarn says that he is quite affected by this song: "It upsets me, that song. It upset me singing it. Doing that vocal upset me greatly. To sing that lyric I really had to accept that that was the end of something in my life. It's amazing when you do have the guts to do that with your work, because it don't half help you.
The promotional video directed by Thomas Vinterberg is notable for using night-vision cameras to capture all four members of the band asleep in their respective beds. A DVD version was also released that featured a short documentary about the making of the video. Alex James reportedly dreamt that he "was in Germany in a karaoke bar. I think I was a leopard for a minute."

The song's title is also the title of a documentary about the band, which was released in cinemas in early 2010.

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