Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stussy 2009 April Feature: John Pound

Stussy serve up their monthly educational experience as their 2009 April feature focuses on influential illustrator and artist, John Pound. Having put together a capsule for Stussy earlier this year, his most well-known work is perhaps his special Garbage Pail Kids work for Topps back in the 1980s which was an unexpected success; "I had turned it in, in January of 85, and I didn’t really hear much from them, until maybe May or June. They were doing a test release and said ‘Oh man, it’s really taking off. Sales are really going good on Garbage Pail Kids. Lets do another series.” The interview is in itself quite comprehensive, touching on numerous aspects of his life from his childhood to the present as well as an obvious focus on the process behind Garbage Pail Kids. Check the feature out over at

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